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The Public Service Commission is created under Section 84 of the Dominica Constitution Order (PDF, 3.6 MB). It has the power to appoint persons to hold or act in offices in the Public Service (including the power to confirm appointments), to remove such persons from office and to exercise disciplinary control over Public Officers.

The Public Service Commission Ordinance specifies that the Commission comprises a Chairman and six other members. All are appointed by His Excellency the President on the advice of the Prime Minister for a three-year period on a part time basis. The current members are:

  • Dr. Damien Dublin - Chairman
  • Mr. Gerald Cools-Lartigue - Deputy Chairman
  • Mr. Thomas Letang - Member
  • Mrs. Ellen Fabien - Member
  • Ms. Merle Peters - Member
  • Ms. Marie-Therese Johnson - Member
  • Mrs. Melicia Etienne-Anatol - Member
Our Responsibilities

Public Service Commision

The Secretariat is responsible to the Public Service Commission

Police Service Commission

The Secretariat is responsible to the Police Service Commission

Conducting the Affairs

The Secretariat is responsible for conducting the affairs of the Commissions

Carrying out Decisions

The Secretariat is responsible for carrying out the decisions of the Commissions


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